Saturday, August 04, 2007

Tales of The Cocktail in New Orleans Day 1 July 18th The Conference

This is the 5th Tales of the Cocktail to be held in New Orleans Louisiana and the first one I attended.It ran from Wednesday July 18 through Sunday July 22nd.Absolutely jam packed with excellent workshops,seminars, and sessions on every facet of the Cocktail the organizers and presenters could think of-history,theory and practice of almost every type of cocktail and spirit.
The presenters - and the crowd that came for the event - were almost as dazzling.You could not throw a rock in the hotel without hitting a world famous bartender, author, or restaurateur.The presentations were first rate, the food delicious, and the parties well... lets just say there were equal to the attendees.

Tales of The Cocktail in New Orleans Day 1 July 18th

I had gotten this great deal to go to Tales of the Cocktail through Travelocity-6 Nights and Airfare from Rochester , New York for $610 including a shuttle to and from the airport.The hotel was a 2 star supposedly according to their website like a small French hotel.They forgot to add the adjectives Marseilles Waterfront- down by the old U Boat Pens.
It took 3 tries before they found me a room that had working air conditioning,broken phone door whose lock took at least 8 tries to open each time,cracked sink and a air conditioning unit that barely worked at all.The elevator worked some of the time, the fire alarm was broken, the cockroaches were big and the other guests scary.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hurricane at Laffites Blacksmith Shop

Part of the walking tour of New Orleans involves a bit of drinking


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