Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ernest Hemingway Memorial Bar Crawl in NOLA Saturday July 21st

Well it all started innocently enough as we always say.....
We were at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans last week both as a Journalist and for the Ministry of Rum Rum Competition When we heard Absolut was going to hold a Ernest Hemingway's birthday party at the Old Absinthe House from 7-9 PM on Saturday - some of us felt that was - well, just wrong - 7-9 PM ?, 2 hours? We started at 9 AM,(after about 4 hours sleep-maybe) drank through the conference workshops (where plenty of drinks were served) and started what we now call "The Ernest Hemingway Memorial Bar Crawl" through the French Quarter after the workshops and the last two standing from the entire Tales conference left the Alibi Bar at 8 AM on Sunday to get ready for workshops at 10 AM.
It was a motley group of Public Relations people,Maitre D's ,Bartenders,Investment Brokers, Journalists,Importers, and other assorted motley individuals who gathered in memory of Pappa and to celebrate his birthday in a barcrawl dedicated to his memory and was to have the distinction of being the last people standing from the entire contingent of all the crew from Tales of the Cocktail on the Saturday night of the conference.
It started up Bourbon Street stopping at numerous bars,Pat O'Brien's for Hurricanes, further on for Hand Grenades.Somehow we ended up on Decatur St,at Pravda where the Absinthe flowed and young nubile Goth girls slithered into each others laps and spanked each other (these were customers, not professionals so they were quite enthusiastic).The party staggered on to the Apple Barrel at the end of Bourbon and Decatur St., with only one casualty who was escorted back by another person to see them safely back.
It continued back through the streets finally coming to rest at the Alibi Bar a Service after hours bar that is the haunt of bar and restaurant workers after shifts.The last saw the backs of the others around 6:30 AM and decided it was not yet full enough daylight to call an end to the quest.They finally left the bar a little after 8 AM knowing
that at least some had honored Papa in a way he would have been proud of.

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