Thursday, October 15, 2009

Last Night at Tales

The last night at Tales was something that almost seemed like the party scenes in the last Matrix movie.
Put 100's of bartenders/mixologists in on very open plan building, add outstanding cocktails from multiple bars set up in said building, add music and well... you can see the pictures and videos we shot in both flickr and facebook. Party didn't break up till 4 AM or so officially and then we all dispersed - the more well behaved ones went to their hotels for a little lie down, the rest were loosed on the streets of New Orleans till dawn - yet again.

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ShanaBarry said...

Has anyone sent you a bottle of the new Seagram's 7 Dark Honey yet?? It just came out and seems like its only available in a few states and wanted to get your opinion on it. I've seen it a few places in NYC but no one seems to be able to order it for me. Any suggestions!? :)

Shana, NYC