Sunday, May 07, 2006

Tequila Dinner at The Strathallan
Friday was Cinco de Mayo which is usually observed ib a similar fashion to St Patricks Day- An excuse to get paralitic because of something done by a ethnic group that you don't belong to hundreds of years ago, on some rot gut drinks.
This was not the case at the Strathallan.
The Strath hosted a 5 course dinner which was paired with 10 Tequilas.
The Full menu is posted on the previous post as I cannot figure out how to cut and paste this article and the menu togetherr.

All of the food was outstanding.
My only observations were:
1. The room was small,noisy and hard to around in.
2. The tequila was fairly mainstream (Mostly Herradura)
Otherwise it was a wonderful dinner, well executed and cheap considering the type and amounts of both the food and tequila. We look forward to other Spirited Dinners there and will post announcements about them as we get the information

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