Saturday, March 05, 2005

Brü - Rochester, NY Brewery/BrewPub/Beer Bar Reviews a further commentary

Brü - Rochester, NY Brewery/BrewPub/Beer Bar Reviews: "In response to Johnathan Wehles Review here are the comments of someone else who was with me who wanted me to pass them along: I think we ALL thought it was so bad that we didn't know where to start. What would have happened if we had complained, I ask? I assume that they have quality control so that food comes out only at its best. But perhaps I am wrong in assuming that. Would we have suggested going back to the kitchen to monitor and improve cooking skills??? How could we ask them to do their 'best' again if they don't know what 'best' should be??? At the very basic level, why would one EVER want to send out food that would POSSIBLY be open to a customer complaint? No standards and active quality control is quite simply no standards and active quality control. I sympathize that there is a difference in personal taste over beers, but their taste spectrum weighs REALLY heavily to the light end. They have NO hearty brews; in fact, I thought the porter was barely a porter but more a 'light brown.' I hesitate to respond on the website because I thereby open up my e-mail to who knows whom; my wish to weigh in is outweighed by my wish to stay unknown. However, feel free to use my words. We are all of us happy to introduce ourselves and meet with you if you like. As to the remark about being an expert I am not sure if that was to me or Mitch of Philadelphia who used the word brewpub in quotes. However I do agree with him. If you go to almost any other brewpub ( with the exception of the Distillery in Rochester )in the US (or in Europe for that matter). They tend to have interesting beers brewed on premise, a selection of good if not excellent guest beers (which usually change), and a lot of single malts, bourbons, tequilas, etc., and usually set a local standard for having such a good collection of the above at the bar. The selection at Bru is minimal. Not bad , but the Dinosaur has probably 3 times "

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