Saturday, March 05, 2005

Brü - Rochester, NY Brewery/BrewPub/Beer Bar Reviews Another Response From the Owner

Brü - Rochester, NY Brewery/BrewPub/Beer Bar Reviews: "Thank you to the previous reviews. Believe me, I don't want the neons! I can't afford a sign for the street right now. People drive by us not knowing we are here. It was a quick cheap fix. There are only 3 left, Genny, Heineken and Labatt. I think I am going to raffle off the 61' tv. We are going to focus on service, beer and live entertainment. Chris, please send an e-mail to the address below, I would like to treat you and your friends to dinner and drink. Also, when specifically were you in...Date & time. I want to see who was working. I really want this place to succeed and am glad that you guys do too. I have all my money tied up in this place. I'd love to find a partner. Steve, what else don't you like about the atmosphere. Assume the neons are gone. Are 2 pool tables too many? Several brewpubs I have visited out west have pool halls. Most all the comments I have heard praise the changes from Empire. I can't completely ignore the fact that the red wings and rhinos are across the street. I hope you can live with a framed jersey on the wall. I appreciate constructive feedback. Please e-mail me at Thanks guys! JW"

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