Saturday, March 05, 2005

Brü - Rochester, NY Brewery/BrewPub/Beer Bar Reviews Round 2

Brü - Rochester, NY Brewery/BrewPub/Beer Bar Reviews: "If they do validate parking I would suggest the staff mention it to ALL customers- and even put it in any ads. Parking around there is a REAL problem and can be expensive - between the pay parking lots and the AGGRESSIVE parking enforcement by the police (who on the other hand seem to ignore the panhandlers and car burglars)you end up paying heavy either way. A friend of mine who worksfor Malt Advocate and author of a number of books on Brewpubs has sworn off even trying to park in the area after his experiences. No wonder the whole High Falls area is so unpopular ( compared to our local East End or any similar venues in other cities."

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