Saturday, March 05, 2005

Brü - Rochester, NY Brewery/BrewPub/Beer Bar Reviews The Brewer Responds

Brü - Rochester, NY Brewery/BrewPub/Beer Bar Reviews: "Thank you for your empassioned input regarding the happenings at Bru. I always welcome constructive criticism of my beers and try to incorporate those thoughts into my planning when evaluating my performance and sometimes re-formulating my beers with our target audience in mind.

I would like to bring to your attention a couple of things though:

You stated 'Everyone please note the downward trend since the original brewmaster left... The beer, The blueberry taste like bud with berries and the berries look like goat turds floating in your glass - some of them were even rotten!'

Well, unfortunately, without knowing it, you were bashing Dean here, the prior brewer you were praising ! I did not produce this beer! I have heard nothing but good things about Dean's ability and tenure here and would never bash another brewer anyhow and in my opinion, Dean does not deserve it either. Due to the fact it was not my beer, I cannot take credit, rightly or wrongly for your criticism. Send e-mail to Dean and see what his thoughts might be regarding your assessment.

'The rest of the beer was warm, flat and tasteless for the most part.'

Ok... your perceptions are your perceptions. No one can tell anyone what you taste. But, at the time you were there, only one of my beers was serving, the IPA. Everything else was Dean's. So far, all of the BJCP certified beer judges (who go through extensive training regarding beer styles and flavor attributes including faults and then have to pass a rigourous exam) have stated that it is to style according to internationally accepted guidelines (including the GABF & World Beer Cup) with no technical faults. No, it isn't an 'Imperial IPA' which is another style, but it is a traditional, drinkable, session styled IPA with an American lean.

'Loud, accousticly harsh'

Yes... I agree. The owner and I have been discussing and implimenting changes to improve the amb"

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