Saturday, March 05, 2005

Brü - Rochester, NY Brewery/BrewPub/Beer Bar Reviews Response from Owner

Brü - Rochester, NY Brewery/BrewPub/Beer Bar Reviews: "This message is for Chris Carlsson and any others who have had a bad experience at my restaurant. Eric Watson, award winning brewer, has been with us for over a month. His first brew is on tap, IPA, and it is excellent. His Porter is a fine brew as well and his 80 schilling scotch ale will be available shortly. We will be brewing another batch of blonde ale on the 8th of March as well as an Amber and another IPA as I'm almost out already. Our bruberry ale is now our best seller loved by both men and women. We have recently hosted local homebrewers clubs and beer afficianado's from around the country and Canada. Nothing but great comments. Our rolls come in fresh everyday. Our burgers are 10 ounces and are a bargain at $7.95. If you were unhappy with your food, why didn't you tell a manager? We receive an extremely low amount of complaints with the food.

We are currently in a reorganization stage. The tv behing the bar will soon be relocated to the lounge. The neons do not fit our theme, but are there to attract attention until we can afford to put a sign on State Street. We are currently working on our service by training those who have potential and hiring experienced candidates to replace the useless. It sounds like you are an expert on brewpubs, since you think we no longer qualify as one. Why don't you come down and introduce yourself? We will use your ideas as we reinvent our theme. To the late night Amerks fans, apologies for not serving the full menu at 11PM, our dinners usually taper off at 10 in the freeze of February. The bar menu will change in one month to reflect our best selling items. Come back and say hello, you can have my 4 seats to the next game, they are 3 rows behind the bench. Or, MAKE A RESERVATION I'll keep the kitchen open just for you. Cheers!"

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